Create, collaborate and develop business strategies for growing your brand.The.Wav is inviting creatives to join us for our new two-day workshop series. Spots are limited. Register below to get your name on the list.

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"The.Wav workshop was very well executed and invigorated and empowered me as an artist. Everyone was warm, encouraging, and took the time to communicate how your strengths could be enhanced and how you can work smarter instead of harder. Great group of people and a poignant educational experience. Highly recommend" - Corina Seas


"The.Wav workshop is truly a one-of-a-kind gathering. I felt like I grew as an Artist and an Entrepreneur. The community we developed in the short two days definitely had a lasting impression on me. My mind is opened to new ways, friends and collaborators, and my confidence in the direction of my path is much clearer. Big Thanks and Love to everyone involved!"  - SJ

"The.Wav has taken the time to really cultivate an experience that I believe you won't find anywhere else. It's extremely rare to find a group of people who are truly invested in the culture, art and spirit of being a creative. The.Wav not only dropped gems and tips that have led to their visible successes and triumphs, they managed to gather other artists, with other triumphs. I just wanted to shoutout The.WAV for this experience, and if you're interested on learning, sharing and exercising your inner creative, sign up for the next workshop!” -PJ

The assistance and feedback from the members of The.WAV was always authentic, honest, loving, and definitely helpful. The strategy/goal session with Ian also gave me beneficial insight and tangible elements to work with in my plan moving forward, regarding developing my following and releasing new music. The.WAV community and workshop feels like a true family and I felt very loved, included and considered throughout this experience. I've definitely built some strong relationships for the long run in this industry and in life! I love you guys! One LOVE. -AsHa iFe (A.I.) 

PHOTO CREDIT : Marquis Smith